5 Downton Abbey facts you may or may not have heard before!

1. On average, Downton Abbey costs one million pounds (about $1,583,450.00) to make each episode.


2. Rose Leslie who portrayed Gwen, the housemaid in season one actually grew up in a Scottish castle – complete with turrets, its own forest, and it dates back from the 15th century, belonging to her family for over 500 years! Unlike her character Gwen, Rose is from rather good stock.


3. To make sure the show is accurate regarding early 20th century social formalities and etiquette, Downton Abbey has a protocol expert – royal herald and equerry Alistair Bruce. Bruce claims one of the biggest challenges of his job is teaching young actors to sit upright and not to put their hands in their pockets!


4. Though Kemal Pamuk was referred to as a Turk in Downton Abbey, his homeland was actually called The Ottoman Empire at that time in history. It was not named Turkey until 1923 – Oops!


5. Elizabeth McGovern – the beautiful and talented actress who plays Cora on Downton Abbey has a sideline career as a singer and songwriter. She fronts a band – Sadie and the Hotheads, and is sometimes joined in vocals by Michelle Dockery – who plays Cora’s eldest daughter Mary in the series.


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